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Welcome to the Society of Grownups.

Coming October 2014 To 1653 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA
Classes / Financial Advice / Guest Speakers / Supper Clubs / Good Company / A MassMutual Learning Initiative

Society of Grownups is a sort of masters program for adulthood. A place to learn how to deal with adult responsibility without losing your soul or sense of adventure along the way.


We promise never to sell your email address.

Somewhere along the line, somebody told you about the birds and the bees...

Somebody taught you how to drive a car. Somebody guided you through a lot of the steps we normally take on the way to adulthood. But they didn’t tell you everything.

Society of Grownups℠ will be a place to learn about things that may have gotten skipped. About handling your money. About wine. About dealing with work issues. About how not to lose your soul, and your sense of adventure along the way.

Whenever people aspire to make the world a better place, they succeed by doing what they’re good at. By what they know. A musician writes a protest song; a filmmaker makes a documentary. MassMutual is good at money—and that’s why they created the Society of Grownups.

They saw intelligent, ambitious people drowning in student debt. Adventurous young adults wanting to start families. Buy homes. Start businesses. They saw a generation living for the moment, but dreaming about the years ahead. And they saw that financial literacy was critical to sorting it all out.

To help this population find their financial footing, MassMutual decided to put their proverbial money where their mouth was. They put their financial know-how and over 160 years of experience to work on a bold new experiment. A new kind of learning initiative. They gave us a name, the Society of Grownups, and a mission.

And so, in collaboration with IDEO, a global design + innovation firm, we began building a sort of Masters Degree for Adulthood. Classes, financial advice, social events. A space where today’s young professionals can learn to use their finances to fuel their dreams and goals— whatever they may be.

You’ll soon see that we do things a little differently here. For one thing, we don’t sell any financial products. And we don’t take commissions. Ever. What we do provide is our wisdom, our perspective, and our promise to keep your goals and your needs front and center. We do this by constantly tweaking and assessing our classes, events, supper clubs, and guest speakers to provide you with a broad range of knowledge and skills to become a well-rounded, competent, savvy adult.

At Society of Grownups, we know enough about money to know that money isn’t everything.